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Goodbye Mr President


It's time for political elections again!


But this year the candidate of the center-left is Sergio Guidi, a man of high moral values, who came from below and is now miraculously in the running for the position of Premier. His is an announced victory, but there is the danger of abstention.


Massimo Aquila, a frustrated professor of political psychology, is fed up with his apathetic and listless students and would like to be elected Dean of the Faculty.


Renato Pera is a restaurateur and father of the family, sympathizer of the center-right, determined to play an important role within the party of Giorgio De Filippis.


Their personal goals will clash in the polling station with those of a blind boy, a fan of slots and a university student at the crossroads of his existence.

Data sheet

Written and directed by

Fabrizio Nucci and Nicola Rovito


Produced by

Open Fields Productions


Co-produced by

Giuseppe Rovito



Ernesto Orrico, Dante De Rose, Elio Giacobini, Francesco Votano, Barbara Pasqua



Pierluigi Ceruso


Gender: Grotesque

Year: 2013

Duration: 85 min

Goodbye Mr President LOCANDINA
"Goodbye Mr. President" - Trailer

"Goodbye Mr. President" - Trailer

What I Have - Music from "Goodbye Mr. President"

What I Have - Music from "Goodbye Mr. President"

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